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A Focus on Healing the Entire Body at Thrive

Sep 29, 2018 03:21PM
At Thrive Wellness Center, in Saline, owner Shannon Roznay, DC, is a chiropractor who also specializes in advanced trained Nutrition Response Testing (NRT). She states, “I decided I wanted to be a chiropractor when I was 13. I had started to experience panic attacks for no apparent reason, and it took a long time to get the answers I was looking for. After a visit with my chiropractor, he was able to figure out the cause and had me back to my old self in a couple of weeks! No medications and with totally natural care.

Today, I help people heal the body by finding the root cause of their symptoms, and use nutrition to optimize health and achieve true wellness.”

Thrive offers personalized care to patients by providing a Designed Clinical Nutrition Program that is based on the individual needs of each patient, and specific whole food supplements allow the body to repair itself. As a result, health is improved, symptoms go away and patients are able to maintain a well-balanced and healthy diet as a normal routine.

“Through continuous education and support to anyone looking to improve their health naturally, I help people incorporate lasting lifestyle changes into their everyday life,” says Roznay. Twice a month, Thrive hosts free health seminars focusing on topics such as How to Win the War on Sugar, Women’s Health, Anxiety and Depression, Digestive Health and more. “Our goal is to provide a fun and inviting environment for the community to come together and create lasting lifestyle changes that promote long-term health and wellness,” she advises.

Using nutrition-based health care, Roznay is able to determine the underlying cause of symptoms as a tool to avoid extensive surgeries or a long list of medications. “I help change lives using nutrition and use the highest-quality nutritional supplements made from organic whole foods. Many of our supplements are made from ingredients grown on a certified organic farm in Wisconsin,” she notes. The whole food supplements are devoid of fillers or synthetic ingredients often found in grocery stores. With hundreds of supplements on hand, she is able to support the health of not just one person, but the whole family.

Thrive also offers a retail area featuring non-chemical makeup and skincare, essential oils, healthy snacks and protein powders. “Finding natural products that really work can be hard, which is why Thrive has stocked the retail area with some of our favorite products that we have used for years. Healthy products free of toxins and chemicals should be easily accessible, and we work to provide that here at Thrive,” says Roznay.

“For many who are looking for answers in regards to their health concerns, we are able to pinpoint the root cause using a completely individualized approach,” she explains. “Each person’s body is different, which is why it is key to utilize such a personalized form of healthcare. We have helped people work through their individual nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, discover organs that are under stress causing dysfunction and imbalances, immune challenges, chemical toxicity within the body and more. We support each person’s body as a whole long-term, rather than just covering up symptoms with short term remedies.”

Roznay shares, “I love to teach women, men and children of all ages how to improve their health through better diet and natural whole food supplements. By expanding the practice and accepting new patients, it’s my goal to create a more effective, non-drug health care paradigm.”

Thrive Wellness Center is located at 6901 State Rd., Ste. D, in Saline. For appointments and more info, call 734-470-6766, email [email protected] or visit

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