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A Marriage of Creativity & Spirituality

Dec 02, 2018 08:21PM
Mara Evenstar is the co-owner of Evenstar’s Chalice, director of Conscious Rites, board member of the Intentional Living Collective and co-founder of Sophia Unfolds: These organizations were all created to support conscious evolution. Evenstar holds a master’s degree in transpersonal psychology and is a doctoral candidate in education. She is an organizational development consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the field of software systems development and also maintains a private practice as a psycho-spiritual counselor.

Evenstar’s Chalice is more than a retail shop, it is a sanctuary of “living altars”; a place to honor and give intention to those stories we all live in. We are all amazing storytellers, and cannot help but make space and placement for those stories in our daily lives.

Evenstar states, “Like other cultural creatives/renaissance evocateurs, there are no clean categories or domains in which to put myself. I do many different things. However, most of my doing is some form of expression of what I consider to be my life-purpose work. I believe I am here to serve the shift of paradigm; the shift of consciousness needed to co-create a thriving, sustainable and just world. I know this is the work of generations, and that I’m just taking my turn with the torch. I do this by practicing and teaching the transformative arts, learning how to lean into what is needed.”

Evenstar co-creates sacred spaces, or “containers” within which to perform individual and collective alchemy. “I co-create models for new and emergent ways of being and doing that will hopefully serve the greater good and support our evolution.” She notes, “What this looks like in more concrete terms is taking this work into the realms of consulting, counseling, teaching, healing, priestessing, writing, speaking, creating, community building, organization building and now, retailing!”

She shares that Evenstar’s Chalice has turned out to be a blessing and a gift, explaining, “We have had people walk in the front door, stop, gasp and break into tears and say, ‘I’ve been praying for a place like this!’ We’ve had amazing conversations with amazing people.”

There are paths crossed and connections made weaving this invisible field of connection and community on a daily basis. “Many times, we have people come in and say, ‘I just came in to be here for a bit; it feels so good in here.’”

Evenstar elaborates, “Early on, when doing the visioning work for what we wanted for this space, I wrote, ‘I want the space itself to be transformative. I want it to allow people to soften, open, and receive.’”

Evenstar’s Chalice endeavors to support people on their journey, whatever their path. There is an underlying framework that is dedicated to the divine feminine in her many forms and formlessness, fondly referred to as “affirmative action for the goddess.”

“Our most popular items are altar wares such as candles, smudging tools and incense, statuary, chalices and other ritual or ceremonial tools,” says Evenstar. Also popular are oracle, tarot cards and used books. “We are learning all the time from our customers as they introduce us to specific symbolism and tools from their different traditions,” she advises. “We’re pretty unique and eclectic in our mix. We have vintage and resale items, handcrafted items from mostly local artists and artisans, and of course the new supplies available in most metaphysical or spiritual shops. In support of the vision of creating a transformative space, we pay close attention to aesthetic, balance and even energetic frequencies. It is my great joy to be co-creatrix and steward of this sacred space.”

Plans are underway for moving more inward, deepening roots and restabilizing connection to source. “I will still be cultivating and supporting the organic growth of Evenstar’s Chalice, and I will continue to take clients and teach a bit,” says Evenstar. “A big part of my inward movement will include completing my dissertation and receiving my doctorate in leadership and social transformation from Meridian University—all in preparation, I am sure, for the next burst of evolutionary expansion!”

For more info, visit or connect with Mara at mailto:[email protected].

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