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How to Weave Hemp into Gold

Mar 03, 2019 07:06PM

The dilemma facing socially conscious people is how to justify making money through the capitalism system.  Buying shares of stock means owning part of a company. Finding small cap, undervalued stocks is the best way for significant, long-term capital growth to occur.

CBD Unlimited, Inc., formerly Endexx Corporation, is a biotech company that offers the eco-conscious investor a tremendous opportunity for capital growth. There are currently three revenue producing divisions within CBD Unlimited. On the eco-side of the equation, they have developed, an extensive line of organically grown hemp products with doctors and medical professionals, including four flavors of sublingual oil, two capsule formulations, Maggie’s balm and Maggie’s Mist for topical use, Third Eye Chai tea, Amrita juice drinks, and Phyto-bites soft dog and cat chews.

The hemp is grown and processed at farms in Colorado, Kentucky and North Carolina. This year, there are plans to put 500 to 1,000 acres of land in Arizona into hemp production. Their new headquarters was just purchased in Cave Creek, Arizona. Another positive for the company is the decision to offer all nonprofit organizations a pricing discount of 10 percent below wholesale on all CBD products.

The recent acquisition of Grow Green Global Enterprises, Inc., in Jamaica, now gives the company the ability to grow and export both CBD products and medical cannabis all around the world. A medical marijuana dispensary is about to be opened in Ocho Rios at the disembarking point of cruise ships in the eastern Caribbean. Grow Green Global is evaluating the purchase of a 150-acre parcel of land eight miles from Ocho Rios with several buildings and a river running through the property. This will enable the cultivation of other medicinal herbs to enhance the cannabis to be grown and processed there. Local residents will have access to good-paying jobs. One of the company’s objectives is to create a destination healing center on this extraordinary site.

CBD Unlimited has also entered into a partnership to open a neuropathy clinic in greater Metro area of Phoenix, administered by Chief Medical Officer Dan Kiddy, DPM. CBD products will be used as part of the treatment protocol for every patient, pre- and post-surgery. Kiddy created a research study using CBD oil for patients suffering from neuropathy, diabetic foot pain and planter fasciitis. Over a nine month period, patients reported an average 68 percent pain reduction. By adding capsules containing CBD, ginger, turmeric, ashwagandha and rhodiola, the results were even better.

The third division of the company is comprised of the GorillaTek high-security vending machines and software technologies. These state-of-the-art, 800-pound, vault-level security machines are programmable from the cloud. They can store between 780 and 1,000 items that can be sold in pharmacies, big box stores and even marijuana dispensaries. For security purposes, biometric thumbprint identification can be captured and credit card transaction can occur. There is currently one Auto-Spense machine operating at a marijuana dispensary in Kingston, Jamaica, and another will be set up at their facility in Ocho Rios.

The chief executive officer of the CBD Unlimited is Todd Davis. He was an investment banker in Chicago for 13 years before taking the helm of the company. His experience, insight, advocacy and blueprint for advancing the values and business of the company will soon come to fruition. Davis has also been nominated to join the board of directors of the Hemp Association of America.

CBD Unlimited offers the investor a great opportunity to achieve significant capital growth, as passage of the 2018 Farm Bill has changed the regulations of hemp products at the federal level. Farmers can now get crop insurance, and hemp companies no longer have banking restrictions. Now is the time to join this new green wave. CBD Unlimited, (EDXC: OTC Markets) provides the investor an opportunity for a long-term capital gain.


Richard Steinhart is an alumnus of the University of Michigan. He has been analyzing and successfully investing in small and micro cap stocks for 60 years. Connect with him at [email protected] Learn more at

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