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Overcoming Brain Fatigue

May 31, 2019 02:00AM
by Darren Schmidt

Executives, salespeople, administrators and office workers may likely feel brain fatigue symptoms such as poor concentration, rubbing the temples or forehead, slow thinking, bad mood, apathy, lack of motivation and faulty memory. Conventional medical wisdom is likely to label this as depression, but it is not, and no drugs will help; only supplements and healthy food choices will fix this.

The three biggest contributors besides a bad diet are looking at computer screens; thinking/problem-solving; and stressful situations. Doing all of these at the same time takes quite a toll on the brain. Doing them for a week or a whole career builds up.

Body fatigue, which encompasses hitting the snooze button, napping during the day and feeling lethargic after meals, is also not depression. Too many people are on antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs for these conditions when they just need specific nutrition. Here are a few practices that will relieve brain fatigue.

Reboot the nervous system by looking at things outside while going for a walk. Keep looking at objects and call them out verbally or mentally: “Tree, sidewalk, car, cloud, leaf, window.” Keep doing this for about 10 to 20 minutes, and then suddenly your body will take in a deep breath and reset, like rebooting a computer. When this happens, the nervous system, including eyes and brain, is reset.

Eat saturated fat and cholesterol. These fats have never caused heart disease, so don’t be afraid of them. We need these because that is what our brain is made of. Our brain is not made of bread, vegetables, fruit, coffee, antioxidants, protein, soy, or granola; it is made of saturated fat and cholesterol. Get the fat from fatty beef, pork, sausages, bacon, cheese, eggs, fatty fish and butter. Low-fat dairy, lean meats, chicken sausage and sushi are not fatty enough if our brain is tired. When we eat the fatty foods, we will eat less food overall through the day and get leaner and stronger, too.

Stop looking at screens or reduce screen time considerably. Don’t watch TV after spending eight hours looking at a computer screen. That is the time to look at things outside or at a distance.

Take supplements that repair a tired brain, like RNA, ginkgo, bacopa, iodine, certain minerals, fish oils, and even brain. Some supplements contain brain from lamb or pig. These are fantastic for neurologic repair. Pig brain was a standard food a few decades ago sold as head cheese, but that’s been slowly taken out of our food supply.


Darren Schmidt, DC, owns The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor located at 462 Jackson Plaza, in Ann Arbor. For more information, call 734-302-7575 or visit


Dr. Darren Schmidt also co-owns the Good Fat Company which makes the Good Fat Bars, Power Nutrition Practice which is a training company for nutrition based health care practitioners, and Heritage Glandulars, a multi-glandular supplement company. For more information, visit GoodFat.Bar, or

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