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Health Benefits of Raw Milk

Jun 30, 2019 02:00AM
Shared Blessings Farm is a family farm focused on healthy soil to produce healthy animals so they can produce good healthy raw milk for better health. Owner, Paul Mast says, “In the process of breeding cows for high levels of milk production, a gene was introduced that produces a beta-casein protein called beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM-7). This results in a weak link in the chain of proteins at link number 67. There are seven connected links that can break off and enter the bloodstream without being properly digested. The benefit of A2 raw milk is it does not have that weak link.

Research from shows that fresh milk has been used in the treatment of many diseases. Research also indicates that is does not make a person overweight. Fresh milk is the most nearly perfect food. Research has shown there is nothing better than breast milk for babies. But if breast milk is not available, raw cow milk can be used. Store-bought milk is pasteurized and homogenized. Raw milk is not. Not all raw milk is the same—if care is not taken in how it is handled, it should be pasteurized.

Milk contains a lot of sugar (lactose) but does not have the side effects of regular sugar (sucrose). It has been found that by pasteurizing the milk, the lactose changes to beta-lactose, which is absorbed more rapidly and can cause intolerance.

Grass is higher in vitamin and minerals than most vegetables, but humans cannot digest grass. Cows can covert that grass into milk so we can still benefit. Raw milk can be legally  obtained through herd share programs."


Shared Blessings Farm offers fresh milk herd shares and grass finished beef and is located at 2791 18 Mile Rd., in Marion. For more information or to place orders, call Paul Mast at 231-743-2286.

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