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Simple Ways to Wellness

Imagine waking up feeling less pain, having fewer doctor visits, reducing our pharmacological dependency, looking younger and having more vital energy every day. Improving the health and happiness in life can be simple. Learning to care for wellness instead of treating sickness can become an extremely rewarding lifestyle


Be good to the body: Listen to the signs the body gives. Support systems, organs and tissues. Give recognition to the mind/body connection.

Be good to the brain: Sleep well. Get mental stimulation. Support the digestive system.

Maintain a positive environment: Be mindful and tolerant. Minimize toxic communication and events.


Drink plenty of clean water: Our body is 72 percent water. The water we put into our system is more important than most credit. Consume non-municipal sources or get advanced filtration that will remove pharmaceuticals, fluoride, chlorine and more. Try structured, charged, ozonated or high-pH water. There are now an array of advanced H2O devices and brands that can amplify the body’s hydration ability.

Eat balanced and nutritious foods: Avoid processed or GMO options. Wash fruits and vegetables. Learn healthy diet types for our body. Try accelerated nutrition and vitamins; some supplements are now being customized from blood or DNA samples to best fit our needs.

Experience nature: Breathe deep and enjoy the sun. Oxygen and sun exposure are often overlooked and taken for granted. Spend at least five minutes each hour in sunlight, if possible. A full spectrum of light and lots of oxygen are important keys to happiness and cell youth. Try oxygen, ozone, light and color therapies to increase cellular activity, reverse biological age and elevate mood.

Exercise regularly: Use activity and movement that makes us feel the happiest. Walk, run, bike, dance, work out or practice physically active hobbies often. Find gyms, studios and wellness facilities that best support our needs. For health or mobility limits, look into passive exercise machines to support circulation and heart rate variability, plus increase bone density and muscle mass when unable to be active due to these limitations.

Mindfulness and meditation: Give gratitude. Go inwards. Reduce stressors. Make time for quiet and self-reflection. Those that have a hard time relaxing can try tech-aided meditation like vibroacoustic sound therapy, binaural beats or audio-visual entrainment. These advanced methods can help anyone meditate. Find calm, creative and restorative brainwave states with regular meditation practice.

Positive engagement: Approach social, interpersonal and family engagement with less judgment and more tolerance. Make home, school and work environments align with the needs of affected individuals. Find church, spiritual or family support groups that allow us to openly express and discover our true self. If we find a positive attitude and joyful experience is challenging to find on a daily basis, seek out a life coach, therapist, counselor or spiritual advisor to align with. 

Regular self-care: Visit the chiropractor, masseuse or energy workers often. Make time and budget spending to include maintenance, relaxation and confidence treatments. Revitalize body and energy systems often. Mitigate, cleanse and eliminate toxicity from the body and energy systems continuously. Detox is essential for comfort and wellness in the environment we live in today.

Incorporating these simple ways to wellness may cause side effects that may include, but are not limited to: loss of pain, reduced inflammation, increased enjoyment, better sleep, a sense of empowerment and motivation toward the things we love.


Kaycie Noble, DMph, ORDM, is a member of the International Light Association and owner of Earth Labs, an innovative, social wellness space and technotherapy lounge, located at 317A E. Front St., in Traverse City. For appointments or more information, call 231-421-1490, email [email protected] or visit