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Affirmation Workshop

We all have a negative inner critic that comes to our mind and leads us to have negative self-talk, self-limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging thoughts. Most of the time we’re not even aware of these thoughts and how they are unconsciously creating our future experiences and impacting our overall health and well-being. Words have power. Discover the power of affirmations and learn about the habits of positive thinking to transform our lives. We will practice creating affirmations to re-train our minds to think differently and to focus on what we want.

Receive one free single-word engraved affirmation stone for attending the workshop. Repeat what you affirming into your life while holding the stone or by having the stone close to you. Combining the use of daily affirmations with your intentions will reinforce positive thinking to rewire your brain to manifest what you are affirming into your life.

Space is limited for this interactive and educational workshop. Register early. All are welcome to attend.

Date & Time

June 29, 2022

12:00PM - 1:00PM

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All Ages