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Enjoy a Feng Shui Assessment at Home

Mar 31, 2018 10:52PM

Holistic Whole Health, in Ypsilanti, is offering feng shui in-home consultations to create the proper flow and balance of energy that spirals out into our health and life. They will discuss concerns and desires for health, life and home, and create a detailed report of suggestions to address those important areas.

Owner Ylona Marie Hartford says, “The Chinese system of feng shui is an art, a philosophy and a science. It means wind and water (the invisible and the elusive) in Chinese. Its goal is to create balance and harmony in all areas and levels of a person and their environment, using the universal concepts of fractals and, ‘as above, so below.’”

She explains, “There are several various schools of thought, some being very strict and unapproachable and others, like the Black Hat Sect, being more accessible, especially to our Western minds. Feng shui analyzes and manipulates nine different areas in life by using placement and intention. All schools use a bagua map and some use compasses for direction and other information.”


For more information, call 734-480-8240, email [email protected] or visit

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