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Natural Awakenings Healthy Living Magazine

News Briefs (Press Release)

(50 to 250 words)

These “clips” of information, with a timely news hook, update readers on wellness and sustainability news, trends and events, and highlights updates on local organizations, businesses, practices and individuals.

Below we’ve supplied a series of questions for you to answer, our writers will create your News Brief based on your answers. You can write as much as you like (and we encourage you to do so, the more you include, the more our writers have to work with and the better your piece will be), but we will be limiting your piece to 50 to 250 words after editing. All fields are required. If a field does not pertain to your submission, simply type NA in that field.

All submissions will be edited for Natural Awakenings style. We supply a fact-check/contact info proof before publication. Don’t forget to submit a graphic with your submission. News Briefs are free of charge and are a very important support piece included in our advertiser’s marketing plans.

***IMPORTANT—PLEASE READ! Please make a copy and save your answers in another document or body of an email as internet instability can interfere with editorial submissions. We don’t want you to have to start over from scratch if there’s a hiccup.

Once you have submitted your form successfully, a screen will display that reads Thank You For Your Submission. 

If this Thank You page does not display, there has been an issue with your submission. Contact us if you are having any issues when submitting.