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Natural Awakenings Ann Arbor Michigan

The Sound of Silence

Mar 31, 2018 07:05PM
In a country where technology rules, many adults and children are tethered to devices, usually glued to a screen, being constantly bombarded with either trivial entertainment or information overload from the TV, radio, smartphone and Internet. When we were kids, we preferred to play outside all day, only returning home at sunset. We turned out relatively well, everything considered, but our kids are at an unhealthy disadvantage if we don’t encourage them to connect with nature in nurturing ways that balance lives.

My fondest memories often involve rambling around outside. Just the smell of a campfire instantly recalls treasured images of childhood. Each summer Mom took us and our friends up north to camp and hike in the woods. We loved all hanging out together with no particular agenda and then staying up late into the night, talking about everything under the moon.

About 15 years ago I realized I’d lost my exuberant enjoyment of life. Much of the time I felt overwhelmed, uneasy and out of sync in mind and body; I realized the worst of it descended after watching TV, with the news weighing most heavily on my spirit. I had a hard time sleeping some nights.

So, I decided that a major shift was in order and I would again spend time outside in nature, listening to the birds and building campfires. Over time, I came to watch TV less and less until one day I stopped watching altogether and discovered that I was happier and slept much better. About five years ago my head would go into what I call ping-pong mode when I listened to favorite radio stations because I’d been hearing the same lyrics to the same songs over and over for decades. Today, I love listening to instrumental music without words, which allows me the freedom, body and soul, to simply feel the music from my heart.

Tuning into nature was the best thing I have ever done to foster my well-being and sanity. The harmonious sounds of nature as well as the sound of silence enables me to hear the inner voice of my essence while the quietude brings deep peace to my whole being.

Stargazing above a cozy campfire with our encircled family is one of life’s many delights for John and me. We are continuingly grateful for nature’s little surprises that beautifully connect us with the miraculous intelligence of Mother Earth.

We hope this edition inspires you and your family to get outside and partake of Earth’s bounty. It’s a scientifically proven foundation toward a healthier and happier life experience.

To celebrating Earth Day every day,

Trina and John Voell, Publishers

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