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Horse Sense Helps Humans

May 01, 2018 02:00AM
Connecting Humans with Equine Wisdom (CHEW) hosts Equine Facilitated Coaching (EFC) retreats for specific groups, businesses and individual coaching in the beautiful setting of Synchrony Farm, near Saline, Michigan.

Working with horses in EFC relies on the notion that horses are acoustical beings that take in sound, amplify and clarify the vibrations, and then give them back to the world beyond the instrument. Coaching with horses utilizes the concept that our equine partners can pick up our vibrations—literally, the energy in-motion of human emotions, feelings and intentions. They amplify and clarify these vibrations so that the human partner might better see, understand and act upon what may be occurring within us.

While an increasing number of therapists and counselors now partner with horses to assist their clients, equine facilitated coaching is not intended as therapy. It allows retreat seekers and business clients the ability to harness the power and wisdom of horses in order to clarify their individual or collective journey. EFC is very safe, quiet work that does not involve riding. It is done from the ground without mounting the horse, so no riding or horse experience is necessary.

A coach certified in equine facilitated learning and a horse handler are present throughout the session. Together, they create a physically and emotionally safe container in which participants can process their often powerful and life-changing experience.

The busyness of life tends to tamp down, dampen or even absorb the many questions, longings and feelings that arise within us. Like a snowy day, horses can help us silence the noise and step away from the frenetic energy of our busy lives, so we can better hear, understand and respond to what life may be offering us.


For more information, call 313-350-3482.

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