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Natural Awakenings Ann Arbor Michigan

Patience, Grace and Gratitude

Feb 01, 2019 09:50AM
Achieving balance on all levels is the true measure of vibrant health. We dedicate our February issue to the many ways to achieve a state of equilibrium. Seeking greater balance starts with an honest assessment of what we need and want out of our life; this inner awareness brings a sense of calmness and well-being.

Our life’s work and passion include knowing how to spend our life force wisely and to give, willingly and skillfully, in such a way that enriches our life and others without burning out. We can learn to approach life from a heart-centered place with patience, instead of simply reacting when our buttons are pushed.

When we are feeling nourished by our lives, we are then better able to connect with others on a heart level, rather than just a head level. When we are open to new ways of being without prejudgment, we may find previously unimagined lessons that afford helpful solutions to our needs.

If you have an “unhappy heart” and are in a chronic state of stress and unhappiness, your immune system may be compromised, making the body more vulnerable to disease. It is a fact that 90 percent of all illness is ultimately due to stress, because it creates a cascade of physiological responses that affect our hormones and immune system.

The study of psychoneuroimmunology (the interaction between psychology and the nervous and immune systems) shows that emotion, and its underlying physical changes in the body, are the key to understanding the link between a healthy mind and body.

Perhaps like us, you’re on a path that shows we can either let life happen to us or take responsibility for the outcome of our experiences by always being accountable for what and who we allow into our consciousness. For us, meditating twice a day and asking for inner guidance and divine assistance to face our challenges is one of the best ways to find and experience positive solutions and outcomes.

Life’s challenges can present opportunities to teach us grace and strengthen our willpower if we choose to focus on and do good. It’s incredible how wonderful we feel when we opt for love and compassion in any situation, because this higher vibration lifts us out of fear-based, fight-or-flight thinking to a more spiritual level of consciousness.

When we feel love and have compassion for ourselves, we expand our capacity to feel the same for others. Aligning with who we are and giving ourselves and others, the gift of unconditional love is key.

Thank you for joining us this month, as we tune into fresh ways to show our love; we hope you are inspired by a new idea that moves you into an evolving and ascending direction. We are eager to hear from our readers, so please share your news, calendar listings, local story ideas and feedback with us via email at [email protected]

As always, we are most thankful for your loyal readership and rejoice in your support!

A great big hug to you… Happy Valentine’s Day!

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