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Natural Awakenings Ann Arbor Michigan

Brimming with Insights

Feb 28, 2019 02:00AM
As you search for wisdom to lead a healthier life, look no further than this issue of Natural Awakenings, brimming with insights and information, because many small steps and daily decisions can lead to a world of change! This month, we focus on one of our favorite topics, as it is the foundation for all good health—food. Using simple strategies, we can heal ourselves by growing better food that benefits our families, farmers, the environment and human health.

After attending the local 2019 Food Summit, it was evident how fortunate we are here in Washtenaw County, with all the ongoing work to improve our local food system. We met many talented folks and farmers investing their time, finances, energy and love into making sure we have fresh, nutritious food available right here locally.

Guest speaker Senator Debbie Stabenow shared the highlights of the new 2018 Farm Bill congress signed into law last year. Check out some of the details in our feature “New Farm Bill Boosts Michigan Agriculture.” To polish off this informative event, the lunch provided by local chefs was excellent, certainly one of the best we’ve ever had and worth the trip.

Very little waste leaves our kitchen; even the boiling water from potatoes is the beginning broth for soup, as well as turning day-old bread into bread crumbs for breading. Anything we do not eat goes to the chickens or the compost pile to help enrich our garden soil and grow more nutritious fruits and veggies.

Discover how food scraps no longer play a supporting role in some kitchens these days. Writer April Thompson shows how creative cooks are using peels, rinds, stems and more in “Delicious Discards: Making Meals From Mainly Scraps”—complete with tasty recipes.

March 22 is World Water Day, a time to take stock of water scarcity, the top long-term global risk for the next decade. Writer Jim Motavalli looks at how we can reduce our water footprint in “Saving a Drop to Drink: Our Role in the Coming Water Crisis.” Did you know it takes more than 3,000 gallons to produce a smartphone and 55 gallons for a single egg? There’s plenty of food for thought here that goes far beyond watering our lawns and low-flush toilets.

You’ll find lots more this month, including how to heal from GMOs in our food chain and Wise Words from Philippe Cousteau, gracing our front cover, who continues the family legacy of conservation established by his famous explorer grandfather Jacques Cousteau, an oceanographer passionate about conserving marine biodiversity. At the helm of Calypso, an old minesweeper refitted as a research vessel, he battled for enlightened understanding of Earth’s seas while capturing the imagination of millions of Americans and inspiring a generation.


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