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New Sustainable Learning Exchange

Apr 03, 2019 08:31AM
Michigan Sustainability Cases (MSC) began with the mandate to create a new kind of teaching cases, co-designed for contributing solutions to real-world sustainability challenges. Organized around real-world case studies, Galaxy will convene environmentally minded people from all backgrounds. They will integrate sustainability science and knowledge from different fields, make sustainability solutions and decision-making more inclusive, and connect research, teaching and practice for visible impact in communities.

Cases are widely used in law, medicine, policy, business and other professional education settings, most often sold to instructors and students as PDF files to download and discuss. MSC cases are open access to allow anyone to contribute, use and discuss stories about real-world problems. The open access platform Gala hosts sustainability cases created by the MSC team, partner institutions, and the user community on the University of Michigan campus and beyond.

Galaxy will also convene campus, civic, community and corporate learners to hone skills that cut across learning design, tech innovation and social change in the context of environmental sustainability.


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