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Cannabidiol Products Relieve Pain

The Honest Marijuana Company has introduced a new Hemp Theory-Hemp Oil Extract Tincture and a hemp cream that both contain cannabinoids and use nanobidiol technology for clean, quick delivery and high bioavailability for the most efficient onset of calming, pain-relieving benefits possible.

Leveraging Nanobidiol technology, Hemp Theory Hemp Extract Oil nanoencapsulates each hempcannabinoid molecule to make it smaller. Because the hemp cannabinoid molecules are smaller, they are also more water soluble, and that increases the bioavailability of the hemp cannabinoid molecules.

Honest Marijuana Company utilizes all-natural cultivation methods to produce only the finest organic and eco-conscious cannabis products. Their marijuana is packaged in Earth-friendly recyclable tin cans with pure nitrogen to ensure only the highest level of integrity and quality. The company also recently launched their new Honest Blunts, the first organic hemp-wrapped, machine-rolled cannabis blunts.

Hemp extract oil has all of the benefits but none of the psychedelic effects because these products are free of psychoactive THC. The Hemp Extract Oil doesn’t activate the neurons in the brain that create a psychoactive high. Instead, it activates only the neurons that give you the countless other benefits that Hemp Oil is known for.


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