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Natural Awakenings of Greater Ann Arbor & Detroit / Wayne County Michigan

Power Should Belong to the People

John & Trina

We are well on our way toward a major shift in consciousness. Locally, nationally and globally, the world is awakening to racial, economic and environmental injustice. Once thought of as separate, these issues are inextricably entwined, and must be addressed together.

Although many people may resist this awakening to maintain the status quo, others see it as a natural evolution in thought. Our current course is not sustainable, as reflected in the spread of disease, civil uprising, economic disruption and environmental damage. The indicators are clear that we need to rethink what we consider to be a quality life and how to live it.

Lobbyists and political donors have helped multinational corporations dominate the legislative and media landscape. Unregulated mergers and acquisitions have allowed the rise of massive players such as Big Pharma, Big Ag and Big Media to control how we heal, eat and learn.

We must create a more equitable, democratic system that treats people and nature with respect and reverence; expect corporations to behave as responsible custodians of the environment and their employees; and our government to be servants of the people instead of the other way around.

This month, we look at one of those unsustainable systems—factory farming. With 85 percent of the meat that Americans consume produced by four corporate giants, these giant operations are wreaking financial havoc on poor, rural communities, as well as creating air, soil and water pollution. Learn more in “Beyond Factory Farms: ‘Big Meat’ Comes at High Cost,” and find out about the eco-friendly options that support local networks of small farms.

People are realizing that the best solutions to our world’s biggest challenges aren’t likely to come from centralized political or financial institutions that are caught up in their own agendas, but from ordinary people working together in creative ways to effect change in their local communities.

Also, timely and important, in our Wise Words department, Stephen Dinan, founder of The Shift Network, talks about “A Sacred Vision for America.” Dinan sees a future of mindful interconnectedness, where we have a sacred worldview and we live in reverence for all humanity and life. John Lennon once imagined this kind of world; isn’t it time we all did?

Making the changes needed to create a sustainable world that works for all will take extraordinary vision and lots of work, but it can provide rewarding fun, too. The human spirit is indefatigable and hope floats; we will overcome our obstacles and invisible viruses to continue building the fairest country on Earth!

Stay well dear readers,

John and Trina

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