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Natural Awakenings of Greater Ann Arbor & Detroit / Wayne County Michigan


Weaving a New Tapestry

        Many of us have been engulfed by a sea of fear, loss, anger, disappointment and grief, but we know it is possible to not only survive, but even thrive during these unpredictable times by using simple, proven strategies for self-care. Putting attention on the good things helps rewire our brains for positivity and expand our horizons.

        By consciously training ourselves to see the positive in everyday life, we become happier and kinder to others. Check out “Happiness Helpers” for easy steps that include genuinely complimenting at least one person a day, keeping a gratitude journal, performing a daily act of kindness and being careful who and what we expose ourselves to.

         Our main feature, "Emotional Well-Being in the Pandemic Age: Self-Care Strategies for Tough Times," by Sandra Yeyati, instructs us how to cope with unpleasant emotions by identifying distractions and moving past them. Explore these steps to self-compassion, including mindfulness and talking to ourselves the way we would to a trusted friend.

         Writing out our life stories can help us understand ourselves and reframe events in a way that fills us with a sense of purpose and well-being. Especially when dealing with past traumatic events, breaking the silence through journaling, writing poetry or storytelling can be cathartic. It allows us to better understand and release the pain, then regroup in a more positive frame of mind.

         The ability to bounce back from difficulties may be the most important skill we can teach our children in the turbulent 21st century. By letting them know they’re loved and supported, making resilience a household word, setting a good example, letting them figure things out on their own and instilling gratitude, we foster the self-confidence and skills to handle whatever will come their way. Our Healthy Kids department offering, “Raising Resilient Kids, How to Help Them Bounce Back,” provides some guidance.

         It’s important to use all the weapons in our arsenal to protect our health—including natural agents like vitamins and herbs, which can’t stop infections, but may ameliorate symptoms. Our Healthy Ways department story, “Natural Antivirals” identfies the nutrients baseline of which depletion seems linked to poor COVID-19 outcomes, including vitamins C and D, zinc and potassium, and looks at helpful supplements such as melatonin, licorice root extract and astralagus.

         All the great advice we read about in Natural Awakenings becomes more accessible and practical as we take more responsibility for our own state of health and well-being. We hope this month’s editorial lineup proves to be an empowering edition for you. Our advertisers and other members of the local natural health community can help meet your needs whenever you’re ready to ask for assistance toward gentle and joyful healing.


Here’s to our collective transformation, one breath at a time!

John and Trina


Please call before attending any event featured in this month’s issue, as many have been cancelled. Visit for updates and to access our extensive archive, which includes articles about building your immune system, meditation, healthy recipes and more.