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The Five Elements and Nutrition

Jennifer Flynn, MSOM, DiplOM (NCCAOM), RAc, owner of Roots of Wisdom Acupuncture, advises, “The Eastern medical theory of the five elements provides a framework which aids one in making food choices that will be most beneficial to a person at a given time. To understand how the theory relates to nutrition, one must first understand the basic categorizations of the five elements. Essentially, there are five elements, or factors, which have an interrelationship which must be kept in balance. The five elements are fire, earth, metal, water and wood. It is the tastes, seasons and environment correlations which have the strongest relationship with nutrition. Before discussing how food fits into the theory, it is important to understand how the elements relate to one another.”

            To deal with the complexities of a particular food and its interpretation, it is important to work with a skilled practitioner. During a personal appointment, Flynn can work with a person’s symptoms, diagnosis and general constitution to food groupings which overall help to strengthen the individual.


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