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Mother Bear Retreats and More

Barbra WhiteCrow, MA, TCTSY-300, practices at the Pinckney Mother Bear Sanctuary. She is offering four retreats, nine workshops and four individual sessions. The first retreat is March 3. WhiteCrow says, “Heal trauma, awaken intrinsic connections to nature, learn ancient qigong based on nature, cultivate intuition, strengthen the ability to trust your heart, gain community and learn to allow nature to support you in a life-changing, practical way.” Two individual sessions are required prior to entry into the Soul Power Mystic Arts nine-month program.

            She advises, “Reclaim the real you, hear your evolutionary calling and cultivate the nature mystic within through four retreats, individual training, Self-Acceptance Process, nature qigong, plant ally ceremonies and body-ecology psychology. Self-Acceptance Process is a proven healing system to embrace all parts, radically love yourself and heal deep wounds. Body ecology psychology invites life force, or shakti, and clears ancestral trauma. Practices, ceremonies and teachings can awaken your innate connection to your soul and innate cellular wisdom.”

Cost is $2,900 to $3,500 sliding scale. For more information, call 734-796-6690 or visit