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Club Pilates Coming to Traverse City

Pilates is for everybody, regardless of age, gender, size or ability, because it supports everyone’s practice with more than 600 variations of moves that can be modified. Club Pilates can help build a healthy mind and body, and stand taller, sleep better and feel stronger, and they are offering a special introductory discount.

Ana and Brian Sheridan are opening Club Pilates in Traverse City and Midland. She is a a physical therapist and Pilates instructor, and he is an occupational therapist and athlete who competed with the U.S. Paralympics Cycling team. The couple previously owned and operated Level Eleven Physical Therapy, then sold the centers to BrightSpring Health Services in 2019.

Brian says, “We’ll be the first to bring it to mid-Michigan and Northern Michigan. Those will be the first two studios. We will be developing four additional studios over the course of the next year or two, so we’ll have a total of six.” The Club Pilates franchise has more than 800 studios and hundreds of thousands of members around the world.

Location: 1545 S. Division, Ste. 119, Traverse City. For more information, call 231-714-4809, email [email protected] or visit