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Jamaica Couples Retreat in January and February

Certified Life Dream and Mind-Body Coach John Rasmussen’s (Chef John) Sixth Bluefields Jamaica Retreat promises to be a life-changing opportunity to boost personal energy. The author of From Sickness to a Marathon and The UNcook Recipe Book says, “Participants can enjoy mind-body transformation, detox, self-healing, balance and plant-based nutrition.”

Session one is from January 6 to 20, and session two is from January 20 to February 3, 2024. Week one, Food for Life Wellness Program, at a Seafront Villa, will restore energy and reboot the brain. Week two, Total Health Wellness Program, helps partakers learn how to relax to let go of stress, live life fully and create a healthy body.

Cost is $2,400 all-inclusive, except airfare and off-site meals, per person for two-week program (Non-refundable $1,200 per person due Oct. 1, balance $1,200 per person by Oct. 30). For more information, call Chef John at 734-635-1598 or visit which includes prior retreat videos.