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Mother Nature Part 1

Mount St. Helens, a volcano found in the state of Washington, erupted on March 27th, 1980. The eruption was so violent that by May, the rising moon over Northern Indiana appeared orange from the huge volume of ash ejected into the atmosphere.

Killing 57 people and reducing 24 square miles of Washington to a moonscape, the eruption leveled approximately 4 billion board feet of timber. That’s roughly the equivalent of 174,000 truckloads of lumber. Interestingly, almost 25 percent of the affected timber was, indeed, salvaged.

Below is a photograph of Mount St. Helens from 2016. As you can see, Mother Nature (with the assistance of some very hard-working loggers and foresters) has nursed the area back to its original beauty and grandeur.

The purpose of this article is to highlight the incredible destructiveness and resilience of nature. Entire landscapes can be wiped away by volcanoes, earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes or tornadoes, only to grow back as lush and beautiful as before, if not more so.

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