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Find the Elusive Butterfly of True Love

HAI Global will present Connecting in Love: A Weekend Immersion, Level One, from September 29 to October 1, 2023, at the Ronora Retreat Lodge, in Watervliet. Participants will have profound opportunities for deeply connecting with themselves and others, letting go of the layers of defense that have kept them safe in the past, but now may just be keeping us all separate. The focus on love, intimacy and sexuality provides fertile ground for self-discovery and true intimacy with others in a non-sexual context.

Those attending a HAI workshop for the first time may not be able to identify what is specifically wrong with their lives, but just that something’s missing, thinking, “There must be something more than this.” But it is elusive. Connecting in Love workshops invite attendees to be both empowered and naked in both body and emotions. They begin to breathe deeper and find an openness that feels like where we truly want to live.

They can discover they are beautiful and lovable just as they are; let go of fear and shame that can block love and intimacy; practice speaking and listening from the heart; accept and love their body as it is today; change habits and patterns that no longer serve them; feel the support of a loving community; take risks, have fun and change their lives.

Cost is $695, including sleeping accommodations and meals. For more information or to register, call 734-888-8608, email [email protected]  or visit