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Holistic Coaching with Ikaro Phoenix

Ikaro Phoenix

Living Wisdom Coaching Director Ikaro Phoenix is a certified Xolar Vibronics Holistic Health educator and life coach. He assists people with the “opportunity to do the work one’s soul is here to do.” That entails “disconnecting from artificial and imposed ways of living and coming back again to functioning with the Living Wisdom of the Divine Mother and reconnect with the original knowledge holders and spiritual authorities of the creation of the Mamas.”

Phoenix has gone through rigorous training and preparation for more than 15 years, culminating with ordination as a Maku by the Mama Meyor of the Kogi tribe of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. A Maku is someone recognized to be reliable to the Mother and works closely with the reliable Mamas (spiritual authorities of the original living wisdom of the Mother) to carry out the work they have agreed to come here to do for humanity at this time.

Location: Ann Arbor. For more information, call 734-210-0463, email [email protected] or visit LivingWisdomCoaching.Earth.