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Improve immunity With Winter Sale on ImmuCore

It is important to improve immunity during the winter months, and ImmuCore, from Wycoff Wellness Center, is on sale for 20 percent off the regular price of $38 through February 29, 2024, in a 90-capsule form.

Triple certified to ensure purity and safety, ImmuCore is designed to provide multiple mechanisms to support immune health by enhancing the functions of natural killer cells and T-cell subsets. This unique formulation offers a three-pronged approach to improve immune wellness with key nutrients and mushroom extracts.

Wycoff Wellness has the important supplements to keep you healthy and improve your immune system naturally. Metagenics also makes a complementary product called Immune Active which can be used to improve immune health if you are already ill. John O. Wycoff, DO, is a board-certified family physician. He is the founder and CEO of the Wycoff Wellness Center and practices functional/integrative medicine.

These products may be obtained at the Wycoff Wellness Center’s office in East Lansing or online at