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Bringing the Body into Inner Harmony

Elevate Mind and Bodywork was established in October 2020 as a safe space for all to heal, grow and be present with their bodies in a loving way. Owner Sarah Girard is medically trained in lymphatic drainage technique/manual lymphatic drainage through the Chikly Health Institute and is an Usui/Holy Fire™ III Reiki master. She holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and uses her knowledge of the natural world as a grounding tool with her clients.

“Prior to opening Elevate Mind and Bodywork, I had spent the previous seven years providing bodywork in busy office environments,” says Girard. “While I enjoyed the camaraderie of working alongside fellow healing practitioners, I felt called to hold space in peaceful and heart-centered sessions where people could really let go and be free.” She explains that clients enjoy an overall easier sense of moving through the world post-session, experiencing pain relief, peace of mind, ease of breathing, reduced inflammation, and a sense of being grounded or feeling centered, with feelings of peace, hope and joy.

Girard observes, “During sessions, clients sometimes see colors, visions or get messages from ancestors or guides. You are encouraged to tap into your own intuition and knowing, versus relying solely upon what the practitioner sees, feels or hears. When our bodies are free from mental, emotional or physical restrictions, we can see the innate light that we are. It is very empowering, liberating and revolutionary to feel at home in your own body and that you have the tools to bring peace to yourself and others.”

Elevate Mind and Bodywork sessions are unique for every individual. Sessions have a main focus either on manual lymphatic drainage or the energy body, depending upon the needs of the client. The two main offerings are embodied lymphatic therapy and reiki healing.

Embodied lymphatic therapy sessions are heart-centered sessions focused on manual lymphatic fluid movement through gentle stimulation and stretching of the skin towards the proper nodes. Clients are often guided through breathing exercises, visualizations, body scan and/or checking in with any tension patterns, emotions, or restrictions in the body. The goal is to encourage the parasympathetic (rest and digest) response, as this is also helpful in fluid movement and overall repair/healing. Clients are encouraged to continue the healing process between sessions by engaging in self-touch/self-lymphatic drainage.

Reiki healing sessions are hands-on healing from the heart that may include guided breathing, visualizations, cord cutting, chakra balancing, sound therapies, oracle cards and/or crystal healing, all while fully clothed under a blanket. Clients are encouraged to continue practices that raise their vibration between sessions.

Girard says, “I plan to expand my offerings by learning cupping therapy. I’m particularly excited about breast cupping as a tool to teach women how to take charge of their own self-care, breast health and lymphatic flow in this crucial area.”

Elevate Mind and Bodywork is located at 1140 N. Wagner Rd., Ann Arbor. For appointments and more information, call 734-883-1383 or visit