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Netflix Series Highlights Detroit Farmers and Chefs

A new Netflix docuseries, You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment, features Detroit farmers and chefs championing food access to be more mindful about our diet. In episode three, New York natives John and Jevon Whittington stop by urban farming Eastern Market farm Keep Growing Detroit, where Development and Engagement Coordinator Danielle Daguio walks them through fields of dino kale and poblano peppers grown onsite and the twins sit down to dinner with members of Detroit’s urban agriculture community.

The show takes a critical look at the Standard American Diet, which is saturated with fast food, fried foods and red meat. Tyler talks about how divestment left Detroit, a majority-Black city, without affordable access to nutrient-dense foods, and how groups like the Detroit Black Community Food Sovereignty Network are providing community-based alternatives. Because the city has a lot of vacant land, many Detroiters are using it to grow food out of necessity. Tyler says, “It’s a transformation of something that is minimal into something that is maximum and abundant.”

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