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Benefit from Intravenous Energy Boost Infusions at Wycoff Wellness Center

The Wycoff Wellness Center, in East Lansing, offers intravenous (IV) vitamin and mineral infusions that provide key nutrients to improve energy and enhance health and wellness naturally.

This therapy by the area's leader in the field allows for 100 percent absorption or important nutrients to improve energy, reduce brain fog and optimize immune function.

IV therapy allows a direct supply of critical nutrients to the cells essential for optimal function to help with improving energy, weight loss, immune function and more.

This therapy needs to be administered by a trained infusion therapist. Appropriate techniques and adherence to accepted guidelines will reduce the potential side effects such as infection or vein irritation.

Intravenous therapy is cutting-edge in the world of medicine. Providing nutrients directly to the bloodstream allows for delivery of a high quantity of needed nutrients to optimize health and wellness.

Location: 1226 Michigan Ave., in East Lansing, is the area’s leader in innovative and unique IV therapies. For appointments and more information, call 517-333-7270 or email [email protected].