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A Recipe for Life

As John and I continue on the mission to simplify our lives, we share a common vision to grow or make as much as we can from scratch at home. Whenever we’re unable to produce something ourselves, it is imperative to know the source of the products we purchase. Because sustainable and ethical practices for growing, raising and formulating products remain top of mind, we are meticulous about our choices. Above all, we want to know that everything we are putting into our bodies is safe and wholesome.

I was making dinner one night when my daughter asked me, “So, what’s up with the whole organic label thing?”

My reply was, “Back when I was young, labels were put on stuff to warn us if it was poisonous; now the organic labels are used to inform us that the food actually comes from nature, unaltered. It also ensures the food has not been sprayed with pesticides or been irradiated.”

Because consumers often rely on government nutrition experts for guidance about what a balanced diet should consist of, it leaves us wondering if they are really doing us a service, seeing how many people are in poor health these days. If you want a healthy body that feels great, it’s important to be an informed consumer. We encourage you to take ownership of your health, read labels and make as much food as possible with quality ingredients from local sources.

You may not realize it, but creating meals from scratch is fast, easy and fun. Our family sure loves it! If you want to directly influence their well-being, start cooking and eating together. Food has a special way of bringing us all closer when the house is filled with tantalizing smells emanating from the kitchen. What a special time it is for enjoying the simple things in life and sharing our lives.

This month’s issue is chock-full of delicious ideas along those lines, and our feature story, “Food Trends for 2024,” is a great place to start. You can always find a vast library of healthy recipes on our website, as well as articles about herbs, spices, gardening, inspiration and making conscious consumer choices. Think of Natural Awakenings as a partner in carving out your healthiest and most fulfilling year yet!

Now is the perfect time to start planning a garden and other spring projects. As soon as the soil allows, we’ll be planting every vegetable and herb imaginable. Gardening is rewarding on so many levels, and also a great way to exercise naturally and stay in shape. Just being outside and breathing in the fresh air has many beneficial effects on our body, mind and spirit, too. Nature reminds us that nurturing plants enhances and deepens our relationship and connection to the Earth. Here’s to savoring each delicious ingredient of a well-balanced life!

Yours in health and happiness,

John & Trina Voell, Publishers