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Norb Lighting Illuminates the Way for Senior Eye Health

As the population of adults over 65 in the U.S. continues to increase, expected to grow by 22 percent by 2040, the need for enhanced health and wellness solutions grows with it. A crucial, but often overlooked component in senior health is lighting. Norb Lighting, with its natural sunlight mimicry, provides a critical solution for the unique needs of aging eyes.

Norb Wellness Lighting significantly improves the living conditions for seniors through various features, such as full-spectrum sunlike lighting that provides the necessary brightness aging eyes require. Dr. Havish Bhalani, an eye care specialist, emphasizes, “Aging eyes need 70 percent more light than those in their 30s. This is due to the thickening of the eye’s lens and a decrease in photoreceptor density.”

Norb Lighting’s products like NorbSMILE, NorbEVERYDAY-SUN and NorbFOCUS offer unparalleled visibility and color rendering, crucial for seniors to safely manage daily tasks and navigate their homes. The near-perfect Color Rendering Index (CRI) of Norb products ensures that colors appear vivid and true, compensating for the yellowing of the lens that occurs with age.

Moreover, Norb Lighting supports the natural circadian rhythms critical for maintaining a healthy sleep-wake cycle. “Our products like NorbSMILE during the day and NorbSLEEP in the evening are designed to emulate the natural progression of sunlight, aiding in better sleep patterns and overall cognitive function,” states Nick Andrew, Norb Lighting’s CEO.

The adaptability of Norb Lights to individual needs with features like dimmability and compatibility with shades further aids in minimizing glare, reducing eye strain, and enhancing the comfort of seniors’ living environments.

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