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Argus Farm Stop Supports Over 200 Local Farms with Innovative Market Model

Argus Farm Stop continues to revolutionize the way communities support local agriculture. Established in 2014, this pioneering enterprise has expanded to three locations in Ann Arbor, providing a year-round marketplace for over 200 local farms. Unlike traditional markets, Argus allows farmers to set their own prices and keep 70 percent of sales, fostering a sustainable agricultural economy. Their model not only supports local farms, but also offers consumers access to the freshest locally grown produce, meats and other goods.

“We believe in nurturing our local food systems and providing our community direct access to fresh, sustainably grown food,” says Kathy Sample, co-founder of Argus Farm Stop. “Our markets empower local farmers and consumers, changing the way our community thinks about and engages with local food.”

In addition to daily operations, Argus Farm Stop hosts events and workshops aimed at spreading their successful model and encouraging other communities to adopt similar practices. Their online platform and delivery service extend their reach, ensuring accessibility to high-quality local products year-round.

For more information, email [email protected].