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Balancing Women’s Health the Natural Way

In Saline, a quiet revolution in women’s health care is taking place at Thrive Wellness Center. Founded by Dr. Shannon Roznay, a chiropractor and nutrition response testing practitioner, this center champions a holistic approach to health, treating patients by emphasizing natural balance and minimizing medical intervention.

Roznay and her team at Thrive Wellness Center focus on addressing the root causes of health issues rather than merely managing symptoms. This approach, centered around personalized care and natural remedies, attracts a diverse clientele, ranging from young girls to older women grappling with menopausal challenges. She explains, “We aim to correct underlying health issues through lifestyle dietary modifications, quality sleep, and nutritional balance, which form the cornerstone of our practice.”

Patients at Thrive benefit from a detailed assessment that utilizes muscle testing to pinpoint imbalances in the body’s systems such as thyroid, ovaries or adrenals. This method guides the all-female staff in crafting individualized treatment plans that often include natural supplements and herbs, reducing the need for pharmaceuticals and their associated risks.

Thrive’s approach is especially beneficial for women at various life stages. Roznay and her team specialize in balancing hormonal systems using diet, herbs, homeopathy and whole food supplements. They also address hormonal issues indirectly related to organs like the liver, crucial for hormone balance and detoxification. “It’s about more than just supplying hormones; it’s facilitating the body’s own healing mechanisms,” she adds.

For many patients, the results are transformative. Women dealing with PCOS, recurrent miscarriages or the typical symptoms of menopause often find relief through Thrive’s tailored programs. “Many times, simple changes in diet or the introduction of specific supplements can drastically improve our patients’ health,” Roznay notes.

Education is a key component of the patient experience at Thrive. The center is dedicated to educating women on how to sustain and enhance their health long term, empowering them to make informed decisions about their wellness. This commitment extends beyond individual treatment plans to include workshops and community talks aimed at demystifying aspects of women’s health that are often overlooked in conventional healthcare settings.

“We see health as a complex interplay of factors—diet, stress, sleep, and hormonal balance all weave together to form the tapestry of a person’s well-being. Our job is to untangle the threads that have gone awry and restore harmony naturally,” Roznay shares.

As Thrive Wellness Center looks to the future, plans are underway to expand its educational outreach and continue providing exceptional care. The clinic’s success stories and the high number of referrals speak volumes about its impact. Thrive has become a beacon for those seeking natural health solutions, and it plans to keep building on this foundation with new programs that reach even more members of the community.

The effectiveness of Thrive’s approach is perhaps best illustrated by its patients’ experiences. Testimonials often highlight the personalized care and significant health improvements seen after visiting the center. One patient remarked, “Following the birth of my first child, I experienced severe hormonal imbalances that were not adequately addressed with conventional medicine. Turning to Thrive, I found a program that worked for me, leading to lasting wellness without reliance on medications.”

Location: 148 South Industrial in Saline. For appointments or more information, call 734-470-6766 or visit