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Wildfire Dreams Provides Pathways to Healing Through Horse Therapy

Carolyne Stolzenfels and Ella

Wildfire Dreams, located in the picturesque landscape of Charlevoix, is a sanctuary of healing and self-discovery, where the serene presence of horses catalyzes emotional and spiritual wellness. Founded in 2020 by Carolyne Stolzenfels, the facility offers unique Equine Gestalt Coaching, which utilizes horses as therapeutic partners. These sessions provide powerful feedback, fostering self-awareness, trust and a deep emotional release that helps clients move past personal traumas and challenges.

The farm also offers family support sessions and the innovative Unbridled Reading Program, aimed at boosting literacy and confidence by reading to horses. Moreover, Wildfire Dreams produces its own elderberry syrup, known for its holistic health benefits. This handcrafted elixir, infused with culinary lavender, represents the farm’s commitment to natural wellness products.

Stolzenfels shares, “Our connection with these magnificent animals opens pathways to healing that many find transformative. Each session is a step towards rediscovering one’s inner peace and strength.”

Location: 8218 Quarterline Rd., Charlevoix. To book a session or for more information, call 231-758-2277 or visit