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Women Reclaiming Their Vitality at The Elite Health Practice

Jason McCammon

The Elite Health Practice offers innovative solutions tailored for women battling burnout and exhaustion. Under the leadership of founder Dr. Jason McCammon, the practice emphasizes natural and functional medicine, combining clinical naturopathic techniques and lifestyle medicine to enhance vitality and wellness.

“Our mission is centered around empowering women who have sacrificed their health for professional and familial commitments. We provide a pathway to reclaim their health and energy,” says McCammon. The practice’s approach is personalized, focusing on understanding each client’s unique health challenges and providing specific, effective treatments.
    The Elite Health Practice boasts a comprehensive service model, including an onsite lab and facilities for manual therapies and restorative techniques, ensuring clients receive immediate and effective healthcare interventions. The clinic’s warm, private setting is designed to put clients at ease, allowing them to focus on recovery and health restoration.

With an impressive five-star rating from clients, the practice is recognized for its commitment to high-quality care and results. “We have seen remarkable improvements in our clients’ health, proving that a personal and holistic approach is effective,” adds McCammon.

Location: 2510 E Michigan Ave., Ste. B, Lansing. To schedule a consultation or appointment or for more information, call 517-409-5095 or visit