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Energy Enhancement System, New Holistic Services at Miraculous Energies Energy Lounge in Williamston

Miraculous Energies Energy Lounge has expanded its services to include reiki, cupping and singing bowls, with additional services to be announced. Already providing the cutting-edge technology of the Energy Enhancement System (EES), this expansion reflects the center’s commitment to providing holistic health and wellness options to greater Lansing and beyond.

EES offered by the center integrates body, mind, spirit and science to enhance overall wellness. EES generates multiple bio-active life-enhancing energy fields, including scalar waves and morphogenic energy fields. These fields, combined with biophotonic light, interface with the body’s DNA matrix to promote health and rejuvenation. The technology supports the body’s natural ability to maintain optimal cellular charge, crucial for health and well-being.

Clinical trials and user testimonials have demonstrated the efficacy of EES in improving conditions such as arthritis, autism, autoimmune disorders, fatigue, depression, diabetes and more. Users report benefits like enhanced mood, reduced stress, pain relief and improved immune function. The system’s impact on cell regeneration and neurotransmitter functions is recognized by medical and scientific communities globally.

Location: Just north of I-96 on N. Williamston Rd., Williamston. To schedule an appointment or for more information, call or text 517-599-4949 or visit