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Refill, Reuse, Respect: The Refillery is Traverse City’s Eco-Friendly Solution

Jessa Voss

The Refillery is leading the charge towards a sustainable future with its innovative approach to reducing single-use plastic. This unique store provides a comprehensive range of refillable personal care and household cleaning products, emphasizing eco-friendly solutions for daily needs. Customers are invited to bring their own containers or choose from the store’s selection to refill with everything from laundry detergents to body soaps, supporting a less wasteful lifestyle.

Owner and founder, Jessa Voss, expresses her enthusiasm about the impact her store is making. “Every refill means one less plastic bottle ends up in the landfill. We are not just selling products; we’re fostering a community dedicated to protecting our planet,” she states. This sentiment is echoed in the store’s diverse product offerings and its commitment to no-tox life, evident from the organic and natural products available for every member of the family.

The Refillery is more than a store; it’s a vital part of the local community. Situated in The Mercato at The Village at Grand Traverse Commons, it’s a hub where residents can also learn about sustainable practices through workshops and events hosted by the store. With a high customer satisfaction rating, this avant-garde store is a testament to the community’s shift towards more environmentally conscious living.

Two convenient locations: 800 Cottageview Dr., #10, Traverse City and inside of Warehouse Market at 144 Hall St., Traverse City. For more information, call 231-947-1120 or visit