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Sip and Savor with Waters’ End Cafe’s Unique Coffee Experience

Waters’ End Cafe is a cornerstone of the community, celebrated for its unique blend of specialty coffees and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Renowned for its organic coffee and tea and the most natural flavors/add- ins they can source, dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, the cafe is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

At the heart of Waters’ End Cafe is a passion for serving meticulously crafted beverages, including their famous banana split drink, which has garnered acclaim for its delightful flavors. “We take pride in our ability to bring a piece of culinary art to every cup,” says the owner Sarah Pranger, whose commitment to excellence is palpable in every aspect of the cafe’s operation.

The cafe’s offerings extend beyond just coffee to include a variety of teas and other beverages, ensuring there is something to satisfy every palate. Patrons also appreciate the cafe’s pet-friendly policy and the accessibility features that make it a welcoming space for all.

Waters’ End Cafe promises not only a superb drink, but also a place to gather, reflect and connect. It stands out not only for its high-quality offerings, but also for its cozy, inviting environment, characterized by its log and stone exterior and the picturesque setting of Gaylord.

Location: 10740 Old Hwy., 27 S., Gaylord (on Old 27, just off the Waters exit). For more information, call 989-442-8964.