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Ele.Mental Health - Rituals For Wellness

Learn mental health coping skills & wellness rituals using the elements as our guide. Over the course of 5 months you will experience therapeutic coaching, yoga, mindfulness & meditation practices, breathwork, ritual, self regulation skills & more.

A supportive community of seekers meets weekly to explore, interact with, and rejuvenate the Spirit. Using the five elements as our guide,  you will walk away from this program with a renewed sense of wonder, and an overabundance of therapeutic tools scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase happiness.

5 Community Coaching Circles
A mix of lectures and practice of coping skills for navigating life's ups and downs inspired by the 5 elements.

5 Guided Mindfulness Activities
A deeper look into various mindfulness practices as inspired by the elements. Together we will explore how to use mindfulness to help regulate our nervous system, fortifying our tolerance to stress.

5 Live Chakra Yoga Classes
Llearn how to detect imbalances, and how to bring yourself back into alignment. All asana (movement) practices will be taught at a beginner level and can be modified if needed.

5 Elemental Rituals
By evoking, embodying, and sitting with the elements in sacred space, we may harness their power moving us towards our goals and intentions. These rituals are non-denominational, there is no religiosity or dogma. Changing these rituals to fit your own spirituality is welcome.

Detailed Schedule:
Module 1: Earth
Day 1: Community Coaching- Grounding Tools & Mudra Meditation
Day 2: Walking Meditation
Day 3: Root Yoga
Day 4: Guardian Entity & Sigil Magick

Module 2: Air
Day 1: Community Coaching- Pranayama & Jungian Archetypes
Day 2: Mantra Meditation
Day 3: Heart & Throat Yoga
Day 4: Feather Light Heart Ritual

Module 3: Fire
Day 1: Community Coaching- Intro to Somatics
Day 2: Intro to Functional Imagery
Day 3: Solar Plexus Yoga
Day 4: Medicinal Movement & Release Ritual

Module 4: Water
Day 1: Community Coaching- Intro to Distress Tolerance
Day 2: Learning from the cold
Day 3: Sacral Yoga
Day 4: Offering to the Waters Ritual

Module 5: Spirit
Day 1: Community Coaching- Ritual Creation and Ancestor Work
Day 2: Letter to Spirit
Day 3: Third Eye & Crown Yoga
Day 4: Leading your ritual

Date & Time

Weekly on Wednesday

Jan 24, 2024 through Jun 19, 2024

7:30PM - 8:30PM

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$299 per month *save $150 if paid upfront

Health & Wellness Life Coaching Therapeutic Coaching Coping Skills Ritual Magick

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Omni Temple