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Media Promote Junk Food

Jan 01, 2018 12:00AM
by Amber Lanier Nagle

Secondary causes of childhood obesity include pervasive junk food marketing. A recent study in Obesity Reviews showed that young people exposed to advertising for foods and beverages high in fat, sugar and salt had a higher incidence of selecting the advertised products instead of healthier options. Parents can use simple strategies to limit their kids’ exposure to this mesmerizing influence

1. Reduce Screen Time—Decrease the amount of time children spend viewing TV, computers, tablets and smartphones.

2.  Teach Kids About Advertising—Watch some ads with children. Talk to them about misleading messaging, underscoring how most advertisers’ intentions aren’t in the audience’s best interests.

3.  Fast Forward Through Commercials— Take control and bypass ads using a DVR player or streaming service; mute the TV during ads.


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