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Ignite Healing Powers with Foods and Supplements

Feb 01, 2018 12:00AM
Inflammation is a normal process that occurs in the body and is a part of healing. We can ignite our healing powers with the correct foods and supplements. The problems that occur with inflammation happen when the normal inflammation process gets stuck and healing stops. Symptoms that can be caused by acute inflammation are a runny or stuffy nose, sore throat, cough, illness, headaches, constipation or loose stool and pain in muscles or joints.

Factors that can help the inflammatory process to progress correctly and improve overall health include reduce or eliminating inflammatory foods from our diet. Sugar and wheat are highly inflammatory foods, and most people benefit from avoidance of these two in particular. Pasteurized cow’s milk is another food that gives many people problems.

What you put on your skin goes into your body, so use healthy personal care products whenever possible. Help the immune system by strengthening the body with the correct foods and supplements to ensure that challenges such as parasites, fungus, bacteria and viruses don’t get out of control. Supplements that can help with inflammation include probiotics, vitamin A, C, D and B, turmeric, oils such as fish oil, blackcurrant seed oil and evening primrose, enzymes, zinc and Boswellia.


Kerry Cradit has worked at The Nutritional Healing Center at 3610 W. Liberty Rd., in Ann Arbor, for more than 10 years helping people heal through diet and proper supplementation. For more information, call 734-302-7575, email [email protected] or visit


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