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Natural Awakenings Ann Arbor Michigan

Brighten the World’s Future

Sep 29, 2018 03:03PM
The health of humanity is directly tied to the health of the planet we call home. This edition celebrates change-makers—people that set out to make a recognizable difference in their communities and beyond. Natural Awakenings magazine, always big on solutions, shines a light on the lives of individuals heeding the call to create needed change. We are encouraged by so many examples of individuals and groups striving to make a difference in the lives of others on a daily basis. Our focus has become gathering helpful information and sharing it with you, our neighbors, about how we can all do more to better the health our ourselves, our community and our world. We may not be game-changers yet, but we’re working on it, and it feels right and valuable. Taking one step at a time, leveraging that and moving on to the next opens the way for us to come together with like-minded people and broaden our united impact.

A new generation of game-changers is taking action, and what makes these tenacious individuals particularly impressive is their age; they are all students in intermediate school, high school or college. Learn more in Linda Sechrist’s feature article, “Youths Step Up to the Global Challenge, Fresh Hope for a Troubled Planet.”

Chiropractic care continues to evolve, and its practitioners are constant change-makers, addressing an expanded range of health issues and fostering other complementary health modalities. Learn more in Marlaina Donato’s contribution, “Multifaceted Chiropractic, Integrative Approaches Enhance Healing.” Our Green Living department illustrates how cities are fostering well-being for their residents and offering practical guidelines for long-lived happiness in “The Rise of Blue Zones in America, Places that Encourage Healthy Living.” Also, be sure to check out Donna Karan's multifaceted line of clothing that integrates luxury and sustainability—her latest multidimensional Urban Zen project (UZIT) supports cultural preservation, compassionate health care and education.

Keep in mind that our actions don’t have to be big and loud to impart lasting effects. Read about how refusing straws can reduce plastic pollution in our waterways in “Last Straw”. Switching to a paper or silicone straw and favoring plant-based foods once a week may not seem as impactful as leading a march or constructing a community garden, but these seemingly small, behind-the-scenes actions add up. Whether you’re young or old, introverted or extroverted, a born leader or an eager supporter, don’t underestimate yourself. We can all be game-changers.

We know you’ll enjoy our October issue. Thank you for supporting our advertisers, all of whom are hard at work making their own impacts toward a healthier and more sustainable world, one patient, one product or one service at a time.

Onward and upward—the world needs all the good we can give!

Trina & John

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