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Connections That Feed Our Soul

Oct 30, 2018 11:05PM
Finding meaning in the rush of the holidays and what really matters can be a challenge. Too much stress can cause many to shift away from their hearts and operate from the survival centers of our brain, resulting in unbalanced routines.

Harmony starts with the way we communicate with each other in our families, workplaces and communities; the way we conduct our affairs must come from a place in our hearts. Inspire a season of appreciation with Kristi Nelson in our Wise Words section on “Why Gratefulness Brings Happiness” and create an attitude of gratitude all day long for a truly blessed season.

In this season of gratitude, let’s each take time to be mindfully present in the nourishing moments that make us feel whole. To be truly present, experiencing the now is a gift of consciousness; by focusing on people and what is truly important in life, we learn to be a continual blessing to others.

Sometimes we need to step outside our everyday world for a little extra mindfulness and attention to restore our energy and health. This month’s main feature, “Supercharge Your Immune System, Natural Ways to Stay Healthy,” will power you up with top tips to boost wellness.

Another informative piece for your good health is in our Healing Ways department. “Safe Drinking Water, Home Systems to Purify H2O” can help you ditch the bottled water habit. Also read our “Flu Shot or Not” story, a real eye-opener.

Celebrate the art of conscious eating with our vegetarian recipes as you contemplate, plan and prepare a holiday meal. Be sure to consider our tasty treats in “Thanksgiving Desserts, Plant-Based Pies for Every Palate.” We are especially excited here about making homemade pie with the pumpkins from our own garden.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect and give thanks for the many blessings we have as individuals, families, co-workers and friends—as a country and as a race of humans sharing this time and space. Our wish is that we all find peace and be a blessing to others, aligning with our highest ideals, visions and aspirations.

May we all treasure the special connections that nourish our body and soul individually and collectively. It feels good to be a blessing.

Warmest wishes for a happy Thanksgiving! John and Trina

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