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Zyto Biofeedback Records Subtle Changes

Mar 03, 2019 06:57PM
The ancient Chinese discovered that there is a vital life force energy flowing through the body. They called this vital force chi. They also found that there are 12 life energy meridian lines that flow through the body that transport energy between different organs and systems of the body thus keeping the body in harmonious balance. When everything is in harmony, we feel well and have enough vitality to keep up with the demands of life; when these meridians are not in balance, the body will show signs of low energy, stress or some form of illness.

Aside from going to a Chinese acupuncturist, there is another way to read these meridian lines—with biofeedback software. Zyto technology can read the body’s meridian lines by means of galvanic skin response. The conductivity of our skin can give us information about how we react to emotional stimuli and even viruses, chemicals and electromagnetic frequencies.

The software’s associated handheld cradle measures subtle changes in your skin and body and compiles into a detailed report for review. It may, for example, detect imbalances in the body’s detoxification pathways and hormonal or emotional stressors. The biofeedback software and report is a great way to track and measure our health and wellness.


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