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Natural Awakenings Ann Arbor Michigan

Climate Change and Spirituality

Apr 03, 2019 08:59AM
By Barbra White

We are all part of an intrinsic co-arising web of life. One part affects the whole. Through observations from space, we know that what we do in one part of the ecosystem affects the entire system. Nature, through its communicating, yet differentiated systems, demonstrates oneness. Each environmental system and animal niche is dependent upon the whole system, yet expresses in a unique way. Likewise, every human is individuated, yet interdependent within the greater community. On a biological level, we know that what we do to one part of the human body affects the whole. We are 100 percent dependent on the Earth for our food and air.

Waiting to go to heaven or trying to transcend the Earthly realm will only keep us avoiding the Earth’s suffering, spiritually bypassing what is desperately calling out for help. Authentic spirituality empowers a person to be a love activist for themselves, people, animals and the Earth. Our crisis in the natural world is an opportunity to wake up to the fact that we live on one home planet Earth. Becoming fully aware of what is happening in the environment, oceans, and food systems reminds us to be humble stewards and infuses our daily lives with purpose. Our thoughts, actions and choices today will affect future generations.

Feeling the pain of the world’s self-inflicted suffering is the bridge to spiritual expansion. Psychologist Carl Jung’s statement, “Feeling is healing,” is applicable to both our personal healing and environmental healing. Self-love helps pain be productive; by allowing ourselves to feel the eco-devastation of the oceans, rain forests, or even a lost natural space from childhood, our heart opens, promoting oneness and generating a feeling of being more alive. It is to the measure that we embrace pain that we can know joy.

Spirituality can increase our capacity to look at the devastation and take empowering steps, but we must first fully embrace the problem in order to find a solution. Mindfully witnessing painful emotions and thoughts in meditation practice helps us become available for seeing the pain of the world. Many people overwhelmed by the world’s suffering default to denial, blame or apathy. We all need spiritual/healing tools such as meditation, emotional self-awareness, therapy and coaching to cope with the immensity of what is happening. If someone doesn’t have or practice these tools, defense and denial become their only coping mechanism, even if the facts plainly indicate otherwise.

An Awakening Your Global Heart workshop ($55-$85) will take place from noon to 5 p.m., May 5, at 8830 Currie, in Northville, with Powerful teachings, Self-Acceptance tools, nature rituals and shamanic practices to reconnect back to life and be the solution to global crisis. For more information, visit


Barbra White is an ecopsychologist, shaman and animal communicator who helps people reconnect back to their bodies, to the natural world and to their inherent worth. For individual shamanic healing and mentoring, call 734-796-6690.


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