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Take Care of Your Walking Feet

Apr 30, 2019 10:22AM
Now that it’s spring, it’s time for a walk outside. Walking benefits us physically, mentally, and psychologically. It brightens our mood, gets circulation to the brain for mental acuity, moves lymph fluid, and helps condition lungs, heart, legs and feet.

For optimum benefits from walking, it is good to stretch muscles in the legs, back and feet ahead of time. Drinking plenty of water keeps muscles and internal organs functioning optimally.

Comfortable, supportive shoes are a must. Most of all, be kind to your feet. Unhappy feet can ruin a good walk.

Foot Reflexology is a smart way to keep feet happy.  The massage itself increases blood circulation and nerve conduction to the feet. It soothes tight foot and ankle muscles, and it can help soften tension in the tendons and fascia to make feet feel good. It is relaxing to the brain and nervous system. Since reflexology stimulates the reflex zones on the feet corresponding to organs and glands in the body, it is also giving the body a general tune-up.

Have a fun walk. Pay attention to your feet to prevent injuries. And make foot reflexology part of your preventive care plan.


Denise Held, RN, a certified Reflexolo-Chi foot reflexologist, has office hours at the Natural Healing Center, 2002 Hogback Rd., Ste. 14, in Ann Arbor. For more information, call 734-649-2891, email [email protected] or visit

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