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Natural Awakenings Ann Arbor Michigan

Discover the Key to Cellular Regeneration

Apr 30, 2019 10:17AM
K.WEST Skin Body Soul, Ann Arbor’s new luxury holistic spa located on North Main Street in a sophisticated, yet warm and inviting historic home, offers boutique treatments designed to support a true connection and return to a whole and complete self.

Founder and lead esthetician Katie Westgate evolved from her Kerrytown location to provide space for all modalities of wellness: skincare, body treatments and massage, natural nail services, herbalism and energy healing. A variety of yoga styles are planned for later in the year.

She says, “We address healing with a whole-body wellness approach, and the skin is no exception. Our approach will drastically change your skin for the better through consistent use of high-vibrational skincare products, professional treatments and your commitment to possible lifestyle adjustments. We solely use 100 percent natural skin and body care products from, DNA Skin Institute and K.WEST Ayurvedic, in all of our services."

Noel Santana Aguilar, M.D., a naturopath and biochemist in Ventura, California, created the DNA Skin Institute to achieve a new paradigm in skin rejuvenation, age reversal and acne control. The result of K.WEST treatments with the DNA CryoStemCell Serum is a 71 percent increase in collagen production and complete healing from acne, hyperpigmentation and conditions like rosacea and sensitized skin.

The discovery of stem cell regeneration by Nobel Prize winner Professor Alexis Carrell and Swiss Doctor Paul Neihans indicated that a young cell coming into contact with an old cell leads to the reprogramming of the old cell via DNA sharing. One of two conditions necessary to maintain the therapeutic value of the stem cells is keeping them fresh and active. This is accomplished through cryogenics, and the product is shipped to K.WEST on dry ice. The other condition is that all products used in conjunction with DNA treatments must be 100 percent naturally derived. Evan a single ingredient made in a lab will disrupt the cell-to-cell communication.

Westgate notes, “Most skincare products are benign at best, and toxic to the body at worst. Not only do harmful chemicals like parabens, propylene glycol and denatured alcohol act as hormone disrupters and cause cancer, they also cause aging in the skin by destroying cells. They destroy skin cells and the live cells of the DNA CrytoStem serums. In order to maintain the integrity of CryoStem treatments, Dr. Aguilar developed a full skincare line for professional treatments and home use.” Boosting the integrity of this line even further is the fact that all plant-based ingredients come from farms that have never once used pesticides.


K.WEST Skin Body Soul is located at 415 N. Main St., in Ann Arbor. For appointments and more information, call 734-436-8991 or visit

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