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Prepare for Allergy Season Now

Lucky Aaron Li

Lucky Aaron Li, registered acupuncturist and founder of Livonia Acupuncture, says, “Seasonal allergies are indicative of your health in the proceeding season. Take the transition from winter to spring as an example. In the winter, stress can weaken immunity. Examples include working too hard; not resting or sleeping enough; going to bed too late; exercising too strenuously without resting and refueling the body; and getting wiped out by a nasty cold or flu. And don’t forget about running around during the holidays buying gifts for friends and family. All these factors can produce qi deficiency, which in turn weakens the immune system.”

He explains, “The allergic reactions the body produces serves as a warning to us—it is time to take better care of ourselves. Acupuncture can recalibrate the body’s natural flow and strengthen the immune system. When the body is in its natural flow, the body will naturally attuned with nature and allergy symptoms will go away.

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