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Harmony Unveiled: The Tao of Tai Chi with Master Wasentha Young

Nestled in the heart of Ann Arbor, amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, lies a sanctuary of tranquility—a place where the mind, body and spirit converge in perfect harmony. This oasis is none other than Peaceful Dragon School, the studio of Master Wasentha Young, a revered figure in the realm of Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

Born into a world where Eastern philosophies were just beginning to seep into the Western consciousness, Master Young found herself drawn to the ancient arts of Tai Chi and Chi Kung at a tender age. Under the guidance of mentors who were pioneers in their own right, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery that would shape her destiny.

Reflecting on those formative years, Master Young reminisces, “I was young and clueless, but I had mentors who were reevaluating their lives. They introduced me to meditation, Tai Chi and Chi Kung, and I embraced these practices as part of my being.”

As the cultural landscape shifted in the late 60s, there emerged a palpable hunger for spiritual enlightenment and holistic wellness. Influenced by luminaries like John Lennon and the influx of Eastern teachers, Master Young found herself at the forefront of a burgeoning movement.
Today, her studio stands as a beacon of light, attracting seekers from all walks of life. What sets Master Young apart is her holistic approach, which transcends mere physical exercise. “I help my students make connections between the mechanics of Tai Chi and Chi Kung and their everyday lives,” she explains. “It’s about finding balance—physically, mentally and spiritually.”

Indeed, the benefits of Master Young’s teachings extend far beyond the confines of the studio. Students not only experience improved physical health and mental clarity but also gain invaluable tools for navigating life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

But what truly sets Master Young apart is her unique blend of wisdom and humor. “I teach with a sense of humor because life, like Tai Chi, has its serious moments but also its moments of folly,” she quips. “By infusing laughter into our practice, we learn to find joy amidst the chaos.”
For those seeking a path to inner peace and vitality, Master Wasentha Young’s studio offers a sanctuary where ancient wisdom meets modern living. Step into the world of Tai Chi and Chi Kung and unlock the secrets of harmonious living.

The Spiritual Journey
Master Young’s journey is not merely one of physical movements, but of spiritual awakening—a journey that began in her youth and continues to unfold with each passing day. “Tai Chi and Chi Kung are more than just exercises,” she reflects. “They are gateways to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe.”

Drawing from ancient Taoist principles, Master Young teaches her students to cultivate a state of inner harmony—a state where mind, body and spirit are in perfect alignment. “In Tai Chi, we learn to move with the flow of life,” she explains. “We become like water, adapting to whatever challenges come our way.”

The Art of Transformation
Beyond her role as a Tai Chi instructor, Master Young is also an accomplished artist, channeling her spiritual insights into breathtaking mosaic artworks. She finds inspiration in the natural world, capturing its beauty and essence in her mosaic artworks. “Mosaics are like life,” she muses. “They’re made up of countless individual pieces, each one unique and valuable in its own right.”
Through her art, Master Young seeks to reveal the interconnectedness of all things—a theme that echoes throughout her teachings. “Just as each tile contributes to the beauty of the mosaic, so too does each individual contribute to the tapestry of life,” she explains.

Looking to the Future
As Master Young looks to the future, her vision extends beyond the walls of her studio. She plans to establish a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping teens manage stress—a testament to her unwavering commitment to serving her community.

As she reflects on her journey, she remains committed to sharing the wisdom of Tai Chi and Chi Kung with future generations. “My goal is to create a ripple effect of positive change,” she says. “By empowering others to connect with their inner selves, we can create a more harmonious world.”

With plans to expand her offerings and reach even more students, Master Young is poised to leave a lasting impact on the world. “The journey never ends,” she reflects. “There’s always more to learn, more to explore and I’m excited to see where it takes me next.”
For those who seek a path to inner peace and vitality, Peaceful Dragon offers a sanctuary where ancient wisdom meets modern living. Step into the world of Tai Chi and Chi Kung and unlock the secrets of harmonious living.

Location: 1945 Pauline Blvd., Ste. B, Ann Arbor. Register early for spring/summer, May 6 to August 8 classes, by April 20, 2024, and receive a $10 savings. To register or for more information, call 734-741-0695, email [email protected] or visit