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Natural Awakenings of Greater Ann Arbor & Detroit / Wayne & Monroe Counties Michigan

More Electric Cars are Coming

The city of Ann Arbor is increasing its fleet of electric vehicles (EV) fleet. As part of national Climate Mayors Electric Vehicle Purchasing Collaborative, they are one of 127 cities that have committed to collectively buy more then of 2,100 electric vehicles by the end of 2020.

         Ann Arbor Sustainability and Innovations Manager Missy Stults says, “The collaborative is an opportunity to learn from peers around the nation about their electrification journey, while also sharing our experiences.” There is also opportunity to buy electric vehicles together in quantity.

         The city’s goal is a 25 percent reduction in fleet-related emissions by 2025, as well as power municipal operations with 100 percent clean and renewable energy by 2035. The city currently has three electric vehicles in use and it intends to buy at least 13 more in the coming year.

       Stults says, “We’re starting with light-duty vehicles because we have far more electric vehicle options on the market. This includes vehicles in the city’s carpool, as well as vehicles used by community standards officers and at our water treatment plant.” The city will monitor the market for EV garbage truck and emergency vehicle options.

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