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Natural Awakenings of Greater Ann Arbor & Detroit / Wayne & Monroe Counties Michigan

The World is Changing for the Better

John & Trina

A worldwide Rainbow Movement is springing up via a cheerful window campaign to bring hope and cheer to help people get through social distancing. It aims to communicate that everything will be okay, especially to kids.

The reality of our new world set against a backdrop of spring colors and vibrancy is continuing, wise and steady, in her healing balm. We look to nature daily to breathe it all in. With so many working and schooling from home, we’re creating less pollution, resulting in the cleanest air and water we have had in many years.

Things that seemed important like sports, fame, money and politics are all dramatically different now. Our strength, love, patience and faith are being tested, but even with the fear of getting ill or losing jobs, this crisis offers us an unprecedented opportunity to show our humanity and be there for one another.

As we weather this storm together in different boats on this sea of change, some families are enjoying quality time putting puzzles together and taking hikes, while others are struggling just to find adequate shelter or food. The slowing of routines has given us time and space to turn within. Moments of calm encourage us to connect and tune to the sounds and rhythms that create a deeper place for ourselves and beloved ones.

We know the situation has given us a much greater appreciation for our loved ones, our health and Mother Earth. Technology is connecting us in ways we never before dreamed—we just shared our first virtual family birthday party, and while it was great to see everybody, we cannot wait to give them all a great big hug in person.

This month’s Women’s Wellness theme celebrates all mothers and mother figures. Often, our path in life is made smoother by the mothering we receive from someone along the way. When we open our heart to those in need, we are continuing that sacred tradition of mothering.

We need each other, and we will get through this. Connect, call, pray, dance and meditate on the light that continues to shine. We invite you to join us in reflecting on all the ways that we can continue to feel good, live simply and laugh more.

Stay safe. Be well. Stay connected.

Trina and John


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